How to Disable YouTube Live Chat

Here's a simple way to hide the YouTube live chat window and block it from loading altogether. This should also result in a small improvement to page load speed when visiting YouTube video pages that have live chat.

Get an Ad Blocker

To block the live chat, you'll need an ad blocker extension or plug-in for your browser. If you don't already have one, you can get one from your browser's extension/plug-in page. I recommend ┬ÁBlock Origin for either Chrome or Firefox. Any one that supports the AdBlock Plus filter syntax will work.

Adding a Custom Filter

Once you have the ad blocker installed, you'll need to add two lines to the custom filter section. You can do this in the "My filters" section of uBlock, which can be found depending on your browser at:

More Tools > Extensions > uBlock Origin Options > My filters

Add-ons > Extensions > uBlock Origin Options > Show Dashboard > My filters

Add these two filters on their own lines (copy and paste them) and then hit "Apply changes":


You shouldn't need to restart your browser.

Reverting Back

If you want to revert back to allowing YouTube live chat, you'll have to remove the filters from your custom filters.
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Comments (6)

Loris   Dec 14, 2018
Good job, thanks.
Mateo_7   Oct 28, 2018
Thank you so much! I hate that stupid chat. Good riddance!
boon   Aug 18, 2018
You're a lifesaver! this worked like a dream, thank you so much!
Random Guy   Jul 31, 2018
Legit, thank you so so so so so much, this worked PERFECTLY. Loading chat has been devouring my CPU forever, cannot thank you enough for this tip. Copied and pasted the filters, you are a godsend. Very grateful.
Nick   Jun 04, 2018
I double checked the network traffic and this does block the requests as well as the element. The "https://www.youtube.com/live_chat" filter blocks the requests to "https://www.youtube.com/live_chat/get_live_chat" that are normally there. Testing it further, if you disable the filters, load a video page with live chat, then enable the filters (with the video tab still open), after a few moments the live chat window will show the message "Chat disconnected. Please wait while we try to reconnect you."
Jon   Jun 01, 2018
This doesn't actually block it from loading. It's only hiding it using css display:none. It's still there in the dom and loading in new comments etc.
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